As you likely know, this is the weekend of the NC Azalea Festival in Wilmington, NC. You may ask, “What does the Azalea Festival have to do with events in Brunswick County, NC?” The answer is, “A lot more than you can imagine.” Twenty-four years ago we were traveling through the south looking for a new place to live. We were headed north again after having made several stops in Florida. We were using a book of place recommendations and I was looking forward to seeing Southport, NC. However, my husband had other ideas. He was planning to head straight for Wilmington, NC. We stopped in Shallotte, NC to call ahead and reserve a room. There was no room at the inn. It was Azalea Festival weekend and every hotel was full. The person he talked to suggested that we stay in Southport, NC at a motel that now no longer exists. I have been here ever since that serendipitous day.

The Azalea Festival is filled with fun things to do, however, there are some interesting events happening in Brunswick County, NC this weekend as well. Spring is in the air and music is in the air. Put them together and you get the Brunswick Concert Band Spring Concert, A Spring Bouquet, with the first of three performances happening on Sunday at Winding River Plantation.

Also on Sunday, you can stretch your limbs and take you dog with you at The Brunswick Forest Veterinary Hospital Hound Hustle 10K and 5K and 1 Mile Trot with Spot.  Proceeds benefit Brunswick County Animal Services.