We’ve had a bit of winter the last few days though, happily, with the blessing of sun. Luckily, we can look forward to somewhat warmer weather on the weekend. Even more important because the upcoming weekend looks like it will be all about the water.  Not to worry, in this case, badwater has nothing to do with polluted water or stocking up on bottled water. Badwater refers to Badwater Cape Fear. So, if you see people running all over Bald Head Island, NC on Saturday, be assured that they are not running away from some sort of disaster. What they will be doing is taking part in a 51.4 mile ultra running race. Maybe you will be taking part, too. Maybe you want to take part. If so, check it out soon.

Blessings come to us in many ways. Sometimes, even disaster can turn out to be a blessing, though it is difficult to see that when we are involved in it. In addition to the blessing of sun in  Southport, NC this weekend, the Blessing of the Fleet is planned for Sunday. No, it is not necessary for you to own a yacht to participate in this event. Get in your little rowboat, Ski Doo or Jon boat and get yourself out there. If you will not be taking part, you may enjoy taking it all in. The Southport, NC waterfront is a great place to be on a sunny Sunday afternoon.


Bluefish, Oysters & Pumpkins

Matthew has come and gone and though he has inconvenienced many of us in Brunswick County, NC, we have been very lucky. We can be thankful, enjoy the lovely Fall weather that arrived in his wake, and look forward to tomorrow. The weekend is nearly here and it offers three very different events for us to enjoy. First up is the Bluefish Bonanza Surfcasting Tournament on Bald Head Island, NC on Saturday and Sunday. Onsite registration begins today and there is even a fishing school from 3 PM until  5 PM today. The folks at the Maritime Market say, “During this time of year, the fish are so thick, you have to hide behind a dune just to bait your hook :)”

Shucked Oysters
Another event scheduled for Saturday and Sunday is the ever popular North Carolina Oyster Festival in Ocean Isle Beach, NC. This event is free and offer bounteous entertainment for the whole family. With this event and the fishing event taking place on both weekend days, you could conceivably attend all three events this weekend.

Pumpkin Day, held on Saturday at Indigo Farms in Calabash, NC, is another event for the whole family. It will be a great learning experience for the kids while they are having fun at the same time. It will also be a good time to pick up some home grown goodies for the family and to watch the second leg of Stockpig Racing!  Here is the present standing:

Name #                Points     Sponsor

Polar Bear #6       51           Chadbourn Feed Service
Rascal # 9             42            Faith PCA
Thumpkin# 7      36            Wilmington Road Runners
Half pint 3            33            Boar’s Tusk Grooming
Jill be Little # 1    12            Hay Loft Dining
Crystal Star # 5     6             Scott Feed & Family

Racing will go on at intervals during the day.

Polycarp on the track


According to latest reports, Hermine should have passed through the area before the Labor Day weekend officially begins on Saturday, so don’t give up on your plans. There will  be events enough for everyone to enjoy themselves, especially those of us who are lucky enough to not have to work on the weekend or on the holiday. Please be aware that the events on Saturday, if scheduled in the early morning, may be rescheduled to a later time. An example is Go Jump in the Lake in Boiling Spring Lakes, NC, which has rescheduled the start time of the race to 11 AM.

Saturday morning will also bring the Labor Day Surf Off in Oak Island, NC. Hopefully, a benefit of the storm will be some good surfing waves.

(Image courtesy of Southport Magazine)

Another event we look forward to every year on the Saturday before Labor Day is the Oak Island Art Guild Labor Day Arts & Crafts Festival. Not to worry if the weather does not cooperate – the rain date is the following day, Sunday, September 4.

On Labor Day, Monday, September 5, your kids and grandkids can enjoy the Children’s Crab Derby in Southport, NC. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to enjoy this last holiday of the summer season.




This morning I sat propped up in bed drinking my hot cup of tea and watched the moon set over the marsh. Read that sentence again. There is so much more in it for which to be grateful than the words say. Tomorrow is the day we celebrate the tradition of thankfulness. I think it is a good tradition, whether it is based on truth or myth. It is a yearly reminder to us to share our lives, ourselves and everything we possess with friends, family and other sentient beings every day. However, I am not a preacher and this is not a sermon – just food for thought. I wish you all a lovely Thanksgiving day and share with you some ideas for an enjoyable weekend.

Speaking of being thankful, you are invited to join the Southport Beautification Committee on Friday at 6 PM for a thankful celebration of support for the Bring Back Our Boats Christmas Wreath Project. The gathering will begin at the tree lighting at BB&T and a party will follow at the Southport Community Building in Southport, NC where you can enjoy treats, food and beverages.


Skip Black Friday and go instead to the Smith Island Art League’s Thanksgiving Art Show held at the Bald Head Island Association Center on Bald Head Island, NC. The show will be held Friday and Saturday from 10 AM until 5 PM.

In Brunswick County, NC we like to hold our Christmas parades on land and on sea. The first flotilla of the holiday season, the Ocean Isle Beach Flotilla, is coming up on Saturday night at Shallotte Point beginning in front of the Inlet View Bar & Grill and ending in front of Sharky’s Restaurant in Ocean Isle Beach, NC.


it looks like a water filled Halloween weekend is coming up. No, I’m not talking about rain. I’m talking about all the water based activities that are scheduled this coming weekend. As a result of cancellations because of the ‘no name storm’ earlier this month when we were wondering if it ever would stop raining, we can look forward to a water filled weekend this week. First of all will be the ever popular U.S. Open King Mackerel Tournament. This weekend the tournament has a twist. Because the tournament now falls on Halloween, kids can participate in a Fish or Treat from 2 PM to 7 PM. The vendors at the Southport Marina will be prepared to welcome each and every costumed creature.

When we think of the US Open King Mackerel Tournament, those of us with little ones also think of Captain Charlie’s Kids Fishing Tournament. What a fun chance for kids to fish on the pier with their peers and dream of the day when they can join the adults on the boats. Those in the know will try to be among the first 100 kids to arrive and all of them will enjoy a fun experience in beautiful Southport, NC.

Halloween seems the perfect time for the Stede Bonnet Regatta with everyone decked out in pirate garb. You don’t want to miss the hijinks during this water race or the fun party time afterwards. Southport, NC will definitely be rockin’ on the water this weekend.


Another weekend of fun festivities is ahead of us in Brunswick County, NC; and the Carolina blue skies and warm temperatures promise to continue throughout the weekend. With all the water in Brunswick County, NC, as well as offshore, one of the favorite fall activities involves bait, rods and reels and some of the best fishing happens in the fall. Because of this, fishing tournaments abound in the fall and this weekend is no exception. This weekend’s fishing tournament is a tournament with a twist, however. The fishing will not be done from piers or from boats in the ocean. The Bluefish Bonanza on Bald Head island, NC is a surfcasting tournament. Check it out.

Last weekend you may have participated in the NC Oyster Festival – an annual event in Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Get ready to enjoy again this Saturday and Sunday, this time in Holden Beach, NC at the annual NC Festival by the Sea.

You will have another second chance in Calabash, NC. Last week was Pumpkin Day at Indigo Farms – this Saturday from 10 – AM until 2 PM, you can enjoy Pick Your Own Pumpkin Day. The event will include Stock Pig Racing as well as hayrides – so bring the whole family.


What do fish and cars have in common? Well, for one thing, in recent days we all felt like a bunch of fish driving our cars in Brunswick County, NC. I am sure many of us felt like we might as well get out of them and swim. We can be thankful that we came out of it in better shape than our neighbors to the south and that the sun really is still up there. Maybe it will hang around for a while. The thing of it is that this weekend offers both fish and cars – and some of those cars may well have fins. In Southport, NC the Cape Fear Cruisers will be holding their annual event, Classic Cars ‘n Rock ‘n Roll on Friday and Saturday, October 9 and 10.

Fish, fish and more fish – it’s that time of year. And you can put your lines in the water from a pier or a boat to angle for a prize winning size while enjoying your favorite sport. Ocean Crest Pier, in Oak Island, NC will be holding their annual Rumble on the Tee King Tournament on Saturday and Sunday, October 10 and 11.

The waters will also be full of boats on Friday through Sunday, October 9 through 11. If you have your own fishing boat you might head on down to the Ocean Isle Fishing Center in Ocean Isle Beach, NC for their annual Fall Brawl King Classic. Whatever you choose to do, I wish you a great weekend!