To Market, To Market…..

…to buy tomatoes and celery and radishes and strawberries and peaches and home made jellies and pickles and… a farmers market that is. What can be better than shopping in the open air for fresh fruit and vegetables, home made pies and cakes, jellies and preserves made at home from home grown produce. Home grown and home made food just tastes better – and it’s better for you. In Brunswick County, NC the climate is excellent for growing and the growing season is long – nearly year round. You can find farmers markets in nearly every little town. Here are a few:

Shallotte Farmers Market (

Every Saturday from 8 AM until 1 PM in Riverside Park located in the heart of downtown Shallotte. You can stroll in the open air and choose from the freshest of produce as well as local crafts while listening to local musicians play.

Oak Island Farmers Market (

Breathe the fresh sea air as you make your purchases from local farmers and crafters from 7 AM until 1 PM every Monday. The music of the sea will keep you company and you can feel good about supporting the locals as you indulge in the best tasting fruit and vegetables available.

Southport Waterfront Market (

This farmers market is located on a bluff overlooking the Cape Fear River where you can watch sailboats tacking, ferries crossing, and people fishing from jon boats while you enjoy the live open air music. There is not a more pleasant way to shop for local, luscious fruit and veggies – and maybe even some lovely flowers as well.