The problem with eating out in Southport, NC is that there are so many excellent choices it is difficult to decide where to enjoy your meal. There are restaurants that serve breakfast and lunch only. There are restaurants that serve lunch and sometimes dinner. There are restaurants that serve lunch and dinner and restaurants that serve dinner only. There is a Thai restaurant, a sushi restaurant, restaurants that specialize in southern fried foods and┬árestaurants that cater to your yen for international foods. Fish and shellfish dishes abound and most of the main ingredients are fresh and caught locally. There are Italian restaurants that serve any Italian dish you can imagine. There are restaurants where you can enjoy live entertainment with your meal and restaurants with gorgeous water views – sometimes these are one and the same. There are restaurants where you can enjoy your favorite again and again and those where you will want to titillate your tastebuds and try something new each time you dine there. If you can’t make up your mind where to dine, you can always use the old ‘eeny meeny miny moe’ method – you can’t lose. And remember to tip your servers well – they work very hard.

Here are just a few restaurants in Southport, NC for you to enjoy.

Fishy Fishy offers good food, great water views and entertainment. (

Live Oak Cafe is an excellent choice for an intimate dinner for a special occasion. (

Ports of Call was featured in the movie, Safe Haven, and offers international dishes. (