There’s nothing like a meal of freshly caught fish – and there’s nothing like a day spent fishing for those fish from the NC fishing piers. Imagine the sun and the soft breeze – the smell of salt air. Feel the relaxation of having your line in the water waiting for a bite – the excitement of that pull on the line – the joy of reeling in your catch. Enjoy your time alone or with friends and the camaraderie of others taking part in the same rituals. Brunswick County, NC offers a number of fishing piers for your enjoyment. Here are a few:

City Pier, Southport, NC (

Oak Island Pier, NC (

Ocean Crest Pier, Oak Island, NC (


Happy New Year 2014!


Trust so you may be open.
Be open so you may embrace life.
Embrace life so you may live in the moment.
Live in the moment so you may live fully.
Live fully so you may love.
Love so you may be loved.
Be loved so you may give comfort.

Listen so you may learn.
Learn so you may risk.
Risk so you may grow.
Grow so you may flourish.
Flourish so you may share.

Be still so you may meditate.
Meditate so you may become wise.
Become wise so you may share your wisdom.
Share your wisdom so others may learn.

Be thankful that you can create beauty.
Create beauty so you may bring joy.
Play, dance, sing, dream, be joyful.
Be joyful so you may share your light.

Rebecca Pierre