The recent filming of Nicholas Sparks’ Safe Haven has made the country sit up and notice Southport, NC. If you have not seen it, you owe it to yourself to do so for the shots of local scenes, if for no other reason. The movie contains a series of spectacular shots of the area – it showcases the beauty we have all come to appreciate. But Safe Haven is far from the first film to have been produced in Southport. The film industry discovered Southport, NC in 1984 when some scenes for Firestarter were filmed in downtown Southport.

In 1986, Crimes of the Heart (starring Jessica Lange, Sissy Spacek, Diane Keaton, Tess Harper, Sam Shepard, Gregory Eugene Travis and Hurd Hatfield) was filmed primarily in Southport. One of Southport’s lovely homes, the Harper House on N. Caswell Avenue, was featured in that film and has been affectionately called ‘the Crimes of the Heart House’ ever since.

Several other sites in Southport, NC that were featured in the filming of the movie include:

The Old Brunswick County Jail on E. Nash St. (

The Old Smithville Burying Ground on N. Rhett St. (

Dosher Memorial Hospital on N. Howe St. (