Did you know you can travel the world without ever leaving Brunswick County, NC? Your taste buds can take you there. It’s quite amazing when you think about it. American cuisine abounds in the county but you can easily go to Italy, Thailand, Japan, Greece Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Jamaica and Turkey. That’s a good portion of the world. Need a map? Check this out.

You can find Italy in Southport, NC at Bella Cucina, in Oak Island, NC at Joseph’s Italian Bistro, in Ocean Isle Beach, NC at Roberto’s Ristorante, in Calabash, NC at Grapevine Restaurant & Lounge and in Leland, NC at Eddie Romanelli’s.


A bit of Thailand can be found in Southport, NC at Thai Peppers Restaurant and in Oak Island, NC at Thai by the Sea. You can visit Greece, Spain, Morocco and Portugal all in one place – in Southport, NC at Ports of Call Bistro & Market. You can also visit Greece and Turkey in Leland, NC at Gusto Grill.

The tastes of Mexico can be found in Southport, NC and Leland, NC at San Felipe Restaurante Mexicano. Your Jamaican adventure can be found in Ocean Isle Beach, NC at Sugar Shack. The closest you will get to Japan can be found in Southport, NC at Southport Gourmet and Sushi Bar.

Bon voyage!