I am writing from the coffee shop down the street from my house today. Though it is not my practice, writers often do their writing in coffee shops – for the cappuccino, the good coffee, the bagels or croissants, the ambiance, the company of others – for a myriad of reasons. My reason? A terrific thunderstorm took down my internet service, my phone, my microwave, and an outlet in my house. I’m not complaining – others had it worse – but I have been incommunicado because of it. Hopefully, communications will be shortly restored. I feel cut off from the world. It’s amazing to realize just how much we rely on electronics. In this case, the coffee shop has saved my sanity. But coffee shops offer so much more – you don’t need to wait until you need internet access. In fact, many people start their mornings with really good coffee – made for them – and a comfortable place to sit and sip. We are lucky to have several friendly, inviting coffee shops in Brunswick County, NC that serve up great coffee and so much more. Here are a few to check out.

The Flying Pig Coffeehouse in Oak Island, NC: (

Jumpin’ Java Espresso Company in Shallotte, NC and in Oak Island, NC: (

Cappuccino by the Sea in Holden Beach, NC: (