You might ask, what do poetry and gambling have in common?  A person who writes poetry would likely be able to tell you. She/he might speak of the contained excitement of the participants; the slap of cards on the table; the tinkle of the ball rolling around the roulette wheel; the sound of dice tumbling on the craps table. After all, poetry can be written about anything. It is often quite political and has meaning beyond the actual words used. If you write poetry, like poetry, read poetry, or listen to poetry, have I got news for you. Brunswick Little Theatre, in Southport, NC, will be hosting an open mic poetry reading tonight, January 26, beginning at 7 PM. Everyone is invited to read your own poetry or that of someone you admire, or to listen and enjoy the poetry of others. The event is free and cookies will be served. Donating a little to defray the cost of the cookies would be appreciated. Please attend, as attendance will determine whether or not the theatre will hold more readings in the future.

The gambling begins tomorrow evening, January 27, at 6 PM. Las Vegas Night, sponsored by the Shallotte Rotary Club, is a fun yearly event and raises funds for good causes. If you enjoy gambling and the casino atmosphere, then take yourself out to Shallotte, NC, to participate.

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