Whether you like to think of the tomato as a vegetable or as a fruit, I think we can all agree on its deliciousness. There are so many dishes that include its lusciousness it would be impossible to name them all. But here in the south, we do love our tomato sandwiches and tomato pies, not to mention just biting into a fresh, sweet tomato. Tomorrow, July 22, you can take part in the Mater Fest, which celebrates the fact that Brunswick County, NC is one of the top tomato producers in North Carolina. Get together with your family and friends and head on out to Mulberry Park at 123 Mulberry Street in Shallotte, NC, and enjoy the fun. The kids can enjoy children’s activities and you can all take part in a Mater Toss and a Watermelon Roll. You can purchase locally grown fruits and vegetables from the farmers. You can browse the arts and crafts and find that special gift for someone else – or for yourself.

If you have children ages 7 through 11 and are looking for something fun for them to do tomorrow morning, you might want to check out the Nautical Girls: Maritime Ghosts and Legends program scheduled at the NC Maritime Museum in Southport, NC. (Registration and a fee are required) From 9AM until Noon the kids will be regaled with ghost stories including those of Theodosia Burr (Bald Head Island, NC) and Rose O’Neal Greenhow (Fort Fisher, NC). They will also create their own ghost stories.

Volunteering can be fun and satisfying, especially when you volunteer in an area of interest to you. There are two organizations in need of volunteers now. Nature program volunteers are being sought by the Oak Island Recreation Center to assist in the Oak Island Nature Center and the Ocean Education Center. The Sea Notes Choral Society is seeking men who sing tenor. The contact is Herb Linesburgh at: 910-278-5542. For more volunteer opportunities in areas like Human Services, Children’s Services, The Arts, Historic Preservation and Animal Welfare, follow the links to our website.

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