We’ve had a bit of winter the last few days though, happily, with the blessing of sun. Luckily, we can look forward to somewhat warmer weather on the weekend. Even more important because the upcoming weekend looks like it will be all about the water.  Not to worry, in this case, badwater has nothing to do with polluted water or stocking up on bottled water. Badwater refers to Badwater Cape Fear. So, if you see people running all over Bald Head Island, NC on Saturday, be assured that they are not running away from some sort of disaster. What they will be doing is taking part in a 51.4 mile ultra running race. Maybe you will be taking part, too. Maybe you want to take part. If so, check it out soon.

Blessings come to us in many ways. Sometimes, even disaster can turn out to be a blessing, though it is difficult to see that when we are involved in it. In addition to the blessing of sun in  Southport, NC this weekend, the Blessing of the Fleet is planned for Sunday. No, it is not necessary for you to own a yacht to participate in this event. Get in your little rowboat, Ski Doo or Jon boat and get yourself out there. If you will not be taking part, you may enjoy taking it all in. The Southport, NC waterfront is a great place to be on a sunny Sunday afternoon.


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