Spring is definitely in the air in Brunswick County, NC. People are walking on the beaches and working in their yards readying them for the planting of new flowers. Windows are open and fans are turning and you can hear chainsaws competing with the birds that are singing and beginning to build new nests. Even indoors, people like me are turning their Spring Fever to cleaning and getting rid of things which they have been hanging onto for years. If you are clearing out, you might want to think about what you decide to do with these things. Many of us have been holding onto things that have been passed down in or families for years. Some of these things just might be valuable. If you would like to check out the value of such things, just make your way to the  PEO Annual Antique Appraisal Fair on Sunday afternoon in Southport, NC. You may find that you have been holding onto treasures.

Tomorrow morning, you can check out the most important treasure you have – yourself. Take yourself down to the Brunswick Beacon Health Expo in Shallotte, NC at the Shallotte Middle School and make sure you are healthy enough to do that yard work you so enjoy. You can also donate blood to help others in need or adopt that very special pet you have been thinking about.


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