Most little boys like to play at being Knights of the Round Table at sometime in their childhoods. The idea of wearing armor, sword fighting and jousting is fun and stirs their imaginations. If you are a mother, grandmother, sister or aunt to such a boy who is in kindergarten through fifth grade, you might want to call the Boiling Spring Lakes Community Center to arrange to take part in their event, “A Perfect Knight.” The event will be held on Saturday, February 18 from 4 PM until 6 PM.

Some of those same little boys, when grown up, (and some girls as well) will have found an intense interest in history – specifically U.S. history. As adults, they enjoy participating in the reenactment of historical events. If you enjoy being out in the fresh air and seeing these kinds of events take place, you might want to head out to Brunswicktown/Fort Anderson State Historic Site in Winnabow, NC on Saturday or Sunday (2/18 & 2/19), or both days if you like. There you can enjoy the Fort Anderson Civil War Living History.

If you have lots of energy and are a morning person, you might consider starting your day on Saturday by taking part in Run Oak Island before you head out to the other events. There will be an awards ceremony and a party after the race. This race will benefit the Oak Island Turtle Patrol, so get up and get out even if you only do the 1 mile fun run/walk.

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