I was recently privy to a conversation of little ones wondering if the ship on the horizon was a pirate ship and saying that the mermaids live in the deep water. One little girl even believed that her mommy could grow up to be a mermaid mommy. The sea was serene that day – blue satin to the horizon – with just enough breeze to fill the sails of the boats taking advantage of its promise. What a day to be on the water! What a day to dream away your cares – to cast them to the wind and sail away. If you are lucky enough to live in Brunswick County, NC – or even lucky enough to be visiting – your dreams of sailing away don’t have to be just dreams. There are so many ways to spend time on the water – from surfboards to Ski Dos, paddle boards to Jon boats to kayaks. But nothing can beat a sunrise sail, or a sunset sail, or a whole day on the water with nothing but the wind carrying you to deep water where, if you believe, you might even see those mermaids.

No, you don’t need to own a boat. Check out these lovers of sailing who will take you out on theirs:

Priority Sailing

S/V Kelly Allen Cruises

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