You can begin your day on Oak Island, NC with breakfast at Russells’ Place Restaurant – open year round for breakfast and lunch. It’s extremely popular and during the season you will find long lines of people waiting to experience the delisciousness. For a light lunch you can choose from among several restaurants including: Bob’s Dogs, with a variety of choices; Little Bits, for great hamburgers; Pepperoni Grill, where you can munch on pizza while overlooking the ocean;  Oak Island Sub Shop, for great sandwiches, soups and salads.

Some restaurants serve lunch and dinner: Don’t miss the Flying Fish Cafe, adjacent to the Oak Island Pier, where the eclectic menu will surprise you with things like a Grilled Cheese Sandwich made with brie, bacon, caramelized onions and grilled pear that you can enjoy while watching the ocean scene. If you are hungry for Asian style eats, try Thai by the Sea; for Bar-B-Que – the Bar-B-Que House, of course. At Shagger Jack’s, you can dine inside or outside on their patio. Restaurants that serve dinner only include: Jones Seafood House, for southern fried delicacies; Turtle Island Restaurant and Catering, for luscious food in a Caribbean ambiance with a beautiful presentation.

And for delightful food and excellent service while dining next to the ocean, you can choose Island Way.

This is by no means a total list of the Oak Island restaurants – but a sampling for you to consider.


It’s nearly that time again. The summer is winding down and school will be starting soon. The familiar yellow buses will be heard trolling the streets to pick up students. The car pools will be lining the entrance and exits to Brunswick County, NC schools. The yellow lights on the School Zone signs will be flashing to remind us to slow down as we pass the schools. Inside the buildings themselves, kids will be reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. Brunswick County, NC offers elementary, junior high and high schools as well as a K-8 school, a 9-12 alternative school and an Early College High School. The system also offers specialized services for students with disabilities and those who are learning English as a second language; enhanced programs for the gifted learner; a fine arts program and many extracurricular opportunities and competitive athletic programs. There are those students who will not be riding in school buses or sitting in car pools. These students, though home schooled, have to follow the same attendance, testing and immunization requirements as the public school students and their classes are scheduled during the same nine month period. As alternatives to the public school system, charter schooling, Montessori schooling and Christian schooling are available as well. You will find information about these below:

South Brunswick Charter School, Leland, NC: (http://southport.insiderinfo.us/school-child-care/charter-schools/)

L & L Montessori School in Southport, NC: (http://southport.insiderinfo.us/school-child-care/private-school/l-and-l-montessori-school/profile/)

Southport Christian School in Southport, NC: (http://southport.insiderinfo.us/school-child-care/private-school/southport-christian-school/profile/)


Myrtle Beach Motels

Oak Island, NC has several motels that you may want to consider as alternatives to renting a beach house. This is especially helpful for couples or small groups and most of these motels are locally owned and operated. Though only one of the motels is actually located on the beach, all of them are within walking distance of the water. Fishermen might prefer to stay at a motel that is located right next to a fishing pier. Boaters may prefer to stay at a motel with it’s own marina and public boat access. Those who like to shop may want to stay in a motel that is close to the downtown shops and restaurants. Those who prefer to swim in fresh water rather than in the ocean might like to stay in a motel with a swimming pool. You will find all of these in Oak Island, NC. You will also find motels that offer efficiency apartments, are pet friendly, have sunset views, have a tackle shop and kayak and personal watercraft rentals, are located next to a restaurant, have special rates, have charcoal grills and picnic tables available to guests, and so much more. The next time you decide to visit Oak Island, NC, check out the local motels. You will be pleasantly surprised. Here are a few to consider:

Captain’s Cove Motel: (http://southport.insiderinfo.us/hotel-motel/oak-island/captains-cove-motel/profile/)

Ocean Crest Motel: (http://southport.insiderinfo.us/hotel-motel/oak-island/ocean-crest-motel/profile/)

Blue Water Point Motel: (http://southport.insiderinfo.us/hotel-motel/oak-island/blue-water-point-marina-resort/profile/)


Pets take many shapes and forms, from ferrets to snakes to hamsters, but the most popular pets are still dogs and cats. They are by far the easiest to care for and, if treated well, can become like family. When you have pets, it’s important to think of them as family. You would never keep a member of your family on a chain outside, nor would you leave him or her behind when you move. Yet some people do treat their pets this way. If these pets are lucky, they will find themselves in no kill shelters where they may be adopted by someone else who will treat them well. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Feral cats are a case in point. When cats are left on their own without having been neutered, they reproduce in the wild and their offspring become wild. I would like to suggest if you are considering adopting a pet that you don’t get it from a puppy farm or insist on a pure bred animal. There are so many loving animals in shelters that need homes. Even a feral cat can become a loving pet. I trapped one 15 years ago and had her neutered – then found that I could not turn her loose. She was definitely wild (I had to keep her in a large cage in the beginning and wear welder’s gloves to handle her). She became my indoor cat – constant companion and friend for 15 years until she died earlier this year. There are shelters in Brunswick County, NC where you can find any kind of cat or dog and there is a feral cat club as well where you can help to prevent the proliferation of feral cats in a humane way. Check them out here:

Paw’s Place Dog Rescue in Winnabow, NC: (http://southport.insiderinfo.us/volunteer/animal-care/paws-place-dog-rescue/profile/)

Oak Island Feral Cats Club: (http://southport.insiderinfo.us/volunteer/animal-care/oak-island-feral-cats-club/profile/)

Southport-Oak Island Animal Rescue (SOAR): (http://southport.insiderinfo.us/volunteer/animal-care/southport-oak-island-animal-rescue-soar/profile/)