I am writing from the coffee shop down the street from my house today. Though it is not my practice, writers often do their writing in coffee shops – for the cappuccino, the good coffee, the bagels or croissants, the ambiance, the company of others – for a myriad of reasons. My reason? A terrific thunderstorm took down my internet service, my phone, my microwave, and an outlet in my house. I’m not complaining – others had it worse – but I have been incommunicado because of it. Hopefully, communications will be shortly restored. I feel cut off from the world. It’s amazing to realize just how much we rely on electronics. In this case, the coffee shop has saved my sanity. But coffee shops offer so much more – you don’t need to wait until you need internet access. In fact, many people start their mornings with really good coffee – made for them – and a comfortable place to sit and sip. We are lucky to have several friendly, inviting coffee shops in Brunswick County, NC that serve up great coffee and so much more. Here are a few to check out.

The Flying Pig Coffeehouse in Oak Island, NC: (

Jumpin’ Java Espresso Company in Shallotte, NC and in Oak Island, NC: (

Cappuccino by the Sea in Holden Beach, NC: (


School is out! We, in Brunswick County, NC are very lucky that there are lots of outdoor activities to keep kids busy during the summer as well as a safe environment in which they can do them. The abundance of water features offers so may opportunities like swimming, surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, riding a ski-do, seining for bait and fishing. On the beach they can go shelling, build sand castles, play with sand toys, bury each other and their parents. They can ride bicycles, go skateboarding, ride a scooter or an EZ roller, go roller skating and play in the many parks. Brunswick County Parks and Recreation Department offers a variety of team sports to kids as well, as do the recreation departments of most towns. These include volleyball, tennis, Dixie Girls Softball, Dixie Boys Baseball, basketball, soccer, cheerleading, disc golf and sign up for football. Here are links for reaching these recreation departments and for more information.

Southport, Oak Island and Boiling Spring Lakes:


Brunswick County:


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A story that was passed down in the family is that daddy played football in high school. He was the a quarterback and the team captain. He loved playing football so much that he flunked his senior year on purpose so he could play another year. Of course, I don’t remember that. What I do remember is daddy watching football on TV. He also watched boxing and bowling – obviously his three favorite sports. Bowling was the only sport in which he was able to continue to participate as a married man with a family to support. He never joined a league, and was only able to take part sporadically, usually with at least one of his six girls in tow. But I remember bowling with daddy. Things were different back then. The pins were set up manually by pin boys – and if they were cute, the local teenage girls would sometimes go bowling so they could flirt with the boys. The only way to keep score was to write your score down on a score card as the game progressed. Eventually, automatic pin setters took the place of teenage boys and digital scoreboards were introduced to keep score automatically. Anyone who goes bowling now knows that it has changed dramatically since that time. Many bowling alleys offer laser bowling, satellite screens, arcades, birthday parties, mini bowling lanes, miniature golf, bounce houses, pro shops and even food. Father’s Day is not far off – you might consider taking you dad bowling. There are a couple of modern bowling establishments in Brunswick County, NC as well as a good, old fashioned bowling alley. Check these out:

Thunder Alley in Leland, NC (

Planet Fun in shallotte, NC (

Brunswick County Bowling Center in Shallotte, NC (