Living at the beach has a style of its own. Whether your style is shabby chic or elegant is not the question. You will find homes in every range in Brunswick County, NC. But, somehow, they all have an aura of the distinctive difference to be found in nature in this part of the United States. If you move here from another state, you will find a definite difference in the feel of the area and it is bound to find its way into your home. You may find yourself selling the furniture you brought with you and replacing it with something that fits better – that feels better. In the beach areas, especially, the interiors are likely to lean toward lots of light. That often calls for light furniture – light in color and light in heft. Here, painted furniture is not only acceptable – it is often preferred. We revel in our sunshine here – even the liquid kind. There is no shortage of shops in which to find exactly what you are looking for. For eclectic interiors, a good place to start and to enjoy the experience of looking is consignment shops. Another benefit of this is that purchasing from a consignment shop often helps a worthy local cause. You will also find a number of furniture stores where you are bound to find the perfect furniture for your new home. Here are just a few:

The McNeill Company on Oak Island (http://southport.insiderinfo.us/shop/furniture/the-mcneill-company/profile/)

Wicker & More Home Furnishings in Shallotte and Southport (http://oceanislebeach.insiderinfo.us/shop/furniture/wicker-and-more-home-furnishings/profile/)


Luxe Home Interiors at Waterford in Leland (http://leland.insiderinfo.us/shop/furniture/luxe-home-interiors-at-waterford/profile/)

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