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I will not pretend to be knowledgeable about golf. I don’t play golf. I don’t watch golf played. But I live in a county with a plethora of golf courses stretching from the north end to the south end. I know that many people come to Brunswick County, NC for the express purpose of enjoying a golf vacation. Many of those who come for a beach vacation spend part of their time here on the golf course as well. And the opportunity to play golf is available year around in Brunswick County, NC. I know that the fresh air and sunshine are incentives to spend the day on a golf course and that the courses themselves are quite beautiful. I also know that golf aficionados also will play golf in the rain. Fortunately, they never have to deal with playing in snow in this part of the country. Most of the courses also include pro shops where you can purchase everything golf you may have left at home in your eagerness to get here. There are lessons available as well as driving ranges. There are also eating and drinking places often referred to as the ninth hole. Here are a few courses for you to check out:

Magnolia Greens Golf Club, Leland, NC (

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Oak Island Golf & Country Club, Oak Island, NC (

Thistle Golf Club, Sunset Beach, NC (


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Decorating your new (or new to you) home can be so much fun, especially in Brunswick County, NC where locally owned shops with unique items abound. Yes, we have chain stores and furniture stores that also offer all kinds of household decorations for every room in the home as well as outdoors. But, if you are looking for something unique, I suggest shopping at the local stores. Even better – shop at the local galleries. The area is known for its abundance of artists in any number of genres. Excellent paintings and pottery are a given and you can find art made from driftwood, seashells, tin, wood, glass, bottles, aluminum, silver, used clothing, old flatware – just about any medium you can think of – and even some that you can’t! You can decorate your walls with beautiful paintings, your tables with interesting sculptures,  your windows with lovely stained glass, your deck with tinkling wind chimes, and enhance the fragrance of your bathrooms with sweet smelling handmade soaps. The ideas are endless as are the possibilities. Take your time – enjoy the process – and be open to the variety of art you will find.

For gorgeous handmade stained glass, stop at Anastasio’s Stained Glass Studio: (

For beautiful paintings and well turned pottery, visit Franklin Square Gallery (

For a variety of beautifully unusual items as well as jewelry, don’t miss Howe Outrageous Art Gallery & Marketplace (


Living at the beach has a style of its own. Whether your style is shabby chic or elegant is not the question. You will find homes in every range in Brunswick County, NC. But, somehow, they all have an aura of the distinctive difference to be found in nature in this part of the United States. If you move here from another state, you will find a definite difference in the feel of the area and it is bound to find its way into your home. You may find yourself selling the furniture you brought with you and replacing it with something that fits better – that feels better. In the beach areas, especially, the interiors are likely to lean toward lots of light. That often calls for light furniture – light in color and light in heft. Here, painted furniture is not only acceptable – it is often preferred. We revel in our sunshine here – even the liquid kind. There is no shortage of shops in which to find exactly what you are looking for. For eclectic interiors, a good place to start and to enjoy the experience of looking is consignment shops. Another benefit of this is that purchasing from a consignment shop often helps a worthy local cause. You will also find a number of furniture stores where you are bound to find the perfect furniture for your new home. Here are just a few:

The McNeill Company on Oak Island (

Wicker & More Home Furnishings in Shallotte and Southport (


Luxe Home Interiors at Waterford in Leland (


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Just as the birds migrate in the spring and the fall, so many people do the same thing – and often by boat. The Intracoastal Waterway stretches along the eastern coast of the US and offers them a much safer transport than the Atlantic Ocean. The intracoastal Waterway is what separates Oak Island and the other South Brunswick Islands from the mainland of NC. Those of us who live here are witness to these seasonal migrations along with that of the birds. I moved to Oak island more than 24 years ago and was so taken by the sight that I wrote a poem about it:


Spring comes to the island,
not in the shape of green crocus spears
thrusting their tips through frozen ground and snow,
bursting with the energy of new life,
anxious to claim the spring.

Spring comes to the island,
not in the shape of daffodils
uncurling their golden trumpets,
playing a fanfare of beauty to usher in the season.

Spring comes to the island,
not in the shape of a robin,
it’s red waistcoat bursting with pride,
gathering twigs to build a new home
to feather its season of love and new life.

Spring comes to the island
in the color of white
shining in the sunlight,
in the shape of sails,
billowing in the March wind,
carrying the boats through the waterway
like their great white wings
carry the ibis out to sea.

Most travelers of the Intracoastal Waterway do not sail the distance without leaving their boats. Many make a road trip (or water trip) out of it and stop at interesting places along the way – sometimes staying overnight or longer. These folks take advantage of the available marinas scattered along the route. Southport has its share of these marinas. Here are a few for you to consider:

Deep Point Marina (

South Harbour Village Marina (

Southport Marina (


Though most of us celebrate our mothers every day, it is a great reminder to have a day set aside each year to help us remember just how much we owe to them. It gives us the opportunity to take a break in our very busy lives to tell our mothers and to show them, how very much we love them. Because of our mobile society, for some of us it means a telephone call or a Skype visit. For others who live close to our mothers, it means special time spent with them. Cooking for our mothers, or taking them to dinner is always special because it is likely they spent many years cooking for us. Those of us who can, might consider giving our mothers a day at the spa. How wonderful to have someone wash their hair and cut or style it; to have manicures and pedicures – maybe a facial or a full body massage. For many mothers this would be a real treat – something they can’t or won’t do for themselves – something that will bring more enjoyment to their lives. As daughters, you may even want to join them in their day at the spa. What could be better than mother/daughter togetherness in celebration of both your lives. Here are a few area day spas you might want to consider:

Beachin’ Day Spa in Oak Island, NC (

E Spa & Salon in Southport, NC (

Island Retreat Spa and Salon in Bald Head Island, NC (