I would like to tell you that the promise of Spring is in the air – that the cold wintery weather we have been having in Brunswick County, NC is warming up – but all you would have to do is look out your window to see that everything is covered in ice and you would know that I am lying through my teeth. If you can trust the predictions of the weather man, it appears that the temperatures will be warming up within the next 10 days, however, it seems there will be rain and more rain. The first real break appears to be coming on the first Friday of March – Friday, March 6. And that is good news. In Southport, NC, on the first Friday of the month you can take part in the First Friday Gallery Walk. The gallery walk takes place in downtown Southport, including the Water Tower District, from 5 PM until 7 PM. It is easily walkable as all the participating galleries are located within about a 3 to 4 block area. At these galleries you will find paintings, pottery, jewelry and amazingly creative crafts for your home, for gifts, or just to fill your eyes. You will also find friends who have been staying home recently and yummy food and drinks like wine and Sangria. Most of these galleries feature art by local artists only and there are many talented artists living in Brunswick County, NC. Here is some information about a few of these.

Franklin Square Gallery will be holding the reception and awards ceremony for their Spring Show during this gallery walk:  (

Ricky Evans features his own paintings along with the other artists’ work displayed in his gallery:

Howe Outrageous Art Gallery is known for the eclectic, interesting and beautiful creativity displayed there: (


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