Christmas means many things to many people and the diversity of celebrations is what brings us together. The significance of the holiday, itself, is new hope for each of us and for the whole world. We celebrate giving – the giving of gifts – the giving of the gift of ourselves. We share food and love and family and memories – some of them joyful – some of them sad – and yet they all bring us closer. Most of us, especially those of us with children, enjoy tree lightings and almost every community stages a parade. A parade means music and fun and in the NC Brunswick Islands, it also means golf carts and, sometimes, boats. Here are just a few of the parades you might want to attend – after all – they are held on different dates or at different times, so why not fill your days with fun and attend all of them?

Oak Island, December 6, 2 PM – Christmas by the Sea Parade: (http://southport.insiderinfo.us/annual-events/december/christmas-by-the-sea-parade/profile/)

Calabash, December 5, 6 PM –¬†Calabash Tree Lighting & Spirit of Calabash Parade (http://oceanislebeach.insiderinfo.us/annual-events/december/calabash-tree-lighting-and-golf-cart-parade/profile/)

Southport, December 13, 7 PM – Christmas Flotilla: (http://southport.insiderinfo.us/annual-events/december/southport-winterfest-christmas-flotilla/profile/)

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