Weddings, no matter where they are held, are important events in people’s lives. Most people like to plan to make their wedding truly memorable no matter what their budget. The NC Brunswick Islands offer opportunities for a number of unique wedding locations with some of the most beautiful settings imaginable. Fall can be the best time for weddings on the beach, on the sea, wherever you prefer. The weather is balmy and beautiful with stirring soft breezes and lends itself especially to outdoor wedding locations. Here are a few ideas:

What can be more lovely that a wedding aboard a sailboat? (http://southport.insiderinfo.us/wedding/wedding-location/priority-sailing/profile/)

Going to the chapel? Try Bald Head Island: (http://southport.insiderinfo.us/wedding/wedding-location/the-village-chapel-of-bald-head-island/profile/)

Why not tie the knot at a winery? (http://oceanislebeach.insiderinfo.us/wedding/wedding-location/silver-coast-winery/profile/)





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