Bed & Breakfast Inns are such beautifully comfortable places to spend time away from home and the inns in Southport, NC are definitely no exception. Add that fact to the lovely fall weather in the area and a picture begins to form of an enjoyable retreat from everyday living. There are four bed & breakfast inns in Southport, NC  – all of them historic and all of them within walking distance of the shops, antique stores, restaurants, tours and some of the events taking place here. Don’t even think about it. Just book your rooms and take a well deserved break.

At circa 1800, The Brunswick Inn, at 301 E. Bay Street, is the oldest Bed & Breakfast in Southport. (



Lois Jane’s Riverview Inn (circa 1882), located at 106 W. Bay Street, overlooks the confluence of the Intracoastal Waterway, the Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean. (

Robert Ruark Inn Bed & Breakfast at 119 N. Lord Street was once the home of Robert Ruark’s grandfather. Robert Ruark was a writer from Wilmington, NC who grew up visiting his grandparents in this home. (

The Southport Inn (circa 1864), located at 119 N. Davis Street, was originally a Nordic sea captain’s retreat. (

The Southport Inn





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