The N. C. Maritime Museum at Southport

The week long 4th of July Festival in Southport, NC begins today. Visitors from all over NC as well as all over the nation have begun arriving looking forward to taking part in the multifarious events. Southport is a beautiful sleepy little southern town, but don’t let that fool you. There is much to see and do in the area year round. The Maritime Museum is one venue that is open all year. You can get some information about it at this site:

The museum holds a schedule of special events for children during the summer months as well. Preregistration is required (910-457-0003) Here is some information about their Children’s Summer Series: 

July 3 & July 16 – 11AM – Noon: Squishy Fishes

Ages 4 through 6 with adult. Your kids will get messy and have fun learning about Gyotaku. They will create fish prints on textiles using flounder or sea stars.

July 8 & 22, August 5 – 8  AM – 10 AM: Kids on Deck! Aboard the Solomon T

Ages 8 to 12. Aboard a traditional NC wooden work boat and in the company of Captain Bert Felton, kids will bird watch off Battery Island, conduct scientific experiments and learn the history of the Cape Fear river.

July 9 & August 13 – 10 AM – Noon: Fish Prints

Ages 7 through 11. the kids will learn how to create fish prints using real and faux fish on paper and fabric. They will even decorate their own T-shirts.

July 10 & August 7 – 11 AM – Noon:  Little Explorers

Ages 4 through 6 with adult. You will take a walk along the Cape Fear River carrying your bucket for storing found treasures while learning about the history and natural environment of the region. There will be a story time after the walk and a time for identifying your treasures.

July 17 – 18 (two day class) – 10 AM – Noon: Colonial Days

Ages 7 through 11. Kids will meet costumed Colonial characters of the Lower Cape Fear while candle dipping, creating flags and learning about every day activities of Colonial kids. 

July 23 – 11AM – Noon: Little Pirates

Ages 4 through 6 with adult. Kids will hear a pirate’s tale, make a pirate flag and walk the plank!

July 24 – 10 AM – Noon: The Exciting Life of Sea Turtles

Ages 6 through 12. Guest instructor, Donna Micheaux, will talk about the life and life cycle of sea turtles and how you can help to protect the babies.

July 29 through August 1 – 10 AM – Noon: Pirate Boot Camp

Ages 6 through 10. find information here:

August 6 – 10 AM – Noon: Nautical Girls: Mermaids, Sirens & Other Ladies of the Seas

Ages 6 through 10. The kids will learn about royalty and villains of the sea in mythology and literature, then create their own story of a water sprite and make a tissue mosaic.

August 14 & 15 (two day class) – 10 AM – Noon: Digging into History

Ages 7 through 11. Kids will dig for artifacts at a mock site and learn how archaeologists interpret history through found objects. They will meet real archaeologists and see artifacts from different historical time periods as well as learn subcategories of archeology.

If this information has excited a desire in you to volunteer at the museum, they will be happy hear from you. You can find some of their volunteer needs here:




North Carolina 4th of July Festival

The NC 4th of July Festival in Southport and Oak Island, NC is a joyous event with fun activities for the whole family. It is an old fashioned celebration that continues the traditions of a parade, an arts and crafts event, food vendors, patriotic concerts, music, dancing, games, foot races, a naturalization ceremony, a beach day and fireworks over the water to top it off.

The event opens on Saturday, June 28, with at 7:45 AM at Waterfront Park in Southport, NC just prior to the Freedom Run. (

Firing of Thor, the cannon, begins this race which has been taking place annually for more than 30 years. A color outburst is included this year and all winners will receive a hand made bowl by local potter, Kimberly Caroon.  

Music for the event will include a Patriotic Concert by the Brunswick Concert Band. 

In Addition, the 440th Army Band NC Army National Guard will present a military concert and a whole list of bands will provide music on the waterfront. These include the popular local band, Mike’s Garage Band. There will be Folk and Gospel music as well as Rock, Blues, Reggae, Hip Hop and Rap.

The Sea Notes Choral Society will also present two concerts as a part of the event. (

These concerts will be held on Saturday, June 28 and Sunday, June 29 in the Odell Williamson Auditorium at Brunswick Community College.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is almost upon us. If you have not yet decided on activities to celebrate the fathers in you lives, do not despair. Brunswick County, NC offers a plethora of choices to you. You will find excellent restaurants, golf courses, fishing piers, fishing cruises, sightseeing cruises, tennis courts, kayak trails, surf fishing, sky diving, biplane tours, helicopter rides, Ski-do rentals and sports bars – to name a few ideas. Here are a few specific suggestions:

Why not visit a winery? (

Silver Coast Winery in Ocean Isle Beach, NC offers tours and wine tastings as well as wine and gifts for sale.

Does pier fishing strike you fancy? (

On the Southport, NC City Pier the whole family can fish for free.

Is bowling your favorite thing to do? (

At Thunder Alley in Leland, NC the family can have fun and have a meal in the grille as well.




Water, Water Everywhere

The eastern boundaries of Brunswick County, NC are bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the interior is rife with lakes and rivers making it the perfect place to spend time on, in and under the water. Whether you prefer boating, swimming, scuba diving, surfing, paddleboarding, kayaking, snorkeling, sailing, fishing – whatever your idea of fun and relaxation, you can do it here. Here are just a few ideas:

Don’t miss the Brunswick Waterfest in Leland, NC today! (

At this festival you can participate in events or enjoy fun for the whole family.

Perhaps you want to dive and explore sunken ships. (

Scuba South schedules regular diving trips and you can go, too!

If Paddle Surfing is your passion, check out Coastal Urge on Bald Head Island. (

You will find everything you need to indulge your passion here. 



Take to the Skies!

Most of us have had dreams of flying. Usually in those dreams we are doing it under our own power, but as that is not actually feasible, we have to rely on other means. Luckily, that means is available to us. Here in Brunswick County, NC, the choices of flying tours and the ways to accomplish them are many. Take your pick:

Brunswick Air (


Brunswick Air offers Fun Flights aboard a Cessna 172 for scenic tours from Bald Head Island to Lockwood Folly. Now you can get a birds eye view of the area beaches where you play.

High Tide Helicopters (

 Why not ride a dragonfly in the sky? You can design your own scenic tour or take one of theirs.

Suncoast Aviation (

On these scenic tours you get to feel the wind on your face and you can even customize a sunset flight.