Caswell Beach…..


(Photo Credit: E. Gifford Stack)


(Photo Credit: Phil Meade)


(Photo Credit:Vicki Burton)

Oak Island Pier…..


(Photo Credit: Tommy Thomes)

Snow is an anomaly in Brunswick County, NC. I have lived here since 1992 and this is only the third time it has snowed during that time. A couple of differences this time are that it is the first time the snow has stayed overnight and it is not really snow. The ‘snow’ is definitely ice. You hardly make an impression when you walk on it.

None of the neighbors has gone to work – a smart move on their part – and I suspect most of the businesses are closed. The street is a solid sheet of ice and deserted as well. But many people are making the best of it and having fun. The neighbor girl and her parents are ‘sledding’ down the driveway and into the street on boogie boards. She is also sitting on her board and holding her dog’s leash (a yellow lab) while the dog runs and pulls her zig zaggedly along! What fun!

I can imagine this sort of thing is going on all over but I can only imagine. I am one of those who is hunkering down inside and trying to keep warm. Don’t misunderstand me. I have a history of sledding, building snowmen and igloos, and especially ice skating. I would walk a mile or more in the dark after school with my skates slung over my shoulder to the local pond and skate until my toes froze. Then go into the clubhouse and sit in front of a roaring fire with a cup of hot chocolate thawing them out. Then back outside for more skating and eventually walking home. Since my move south I prefer staying inside with a nice hot cup of tea.

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