The Arctic cold has come and gone here in Brunswick County and has made us appreciate even more the mild winters we have here. Though it is raining today, a lovely soft rain, it is a comfortable 60 degrees. The warm winter days have found people on the beach again: walking their dogs, fishing, relaxing in the sun or just walking. As one person said to me as she passed: “It’s just too beautiful a day not to be outside.”

One of the events that is celebrated at this time of year every year is Martin Luther King Day. This day celebrates and shows appreciation for the life of Martin Luther King and his nonviolent struggle for racial equality. Dr. King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 for his nonviolent  protests and marches.  He was assassinated in 1968, a violent end of a nonviolent life. He was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal and you can see a memorial statue of him in the National Mall in Washington, D. C. All of us who were alive during his time remember him, whether we knew him personally or not. His “I Have  Dream” speech lives on as the anthem for the Civil Rights Movement.

There are celebrations in his memory throughout Brunswick County, an example being the one held in Southport which begins the Sunday before the holiday with a parade. Following the parade a youth oriented program is held, which includes performances and presentations. On Monday morning a round-table breakfast is held. The breakfast includes a speaker and presentation of the annual Walter Welsh Award, recognizing the recipient’s work in promoting racial harmony, tolerance and understanding. Anyone interested in participating can get more information by calling (910) 457-5144.

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