The December Beach


(Photo credit goes to Val Nieman)

Too many times we deny ourselves that which we need the most. Today it is 65 degrees and sunny and I was working in the house trying to make some order out of years of chaos. I have given myself a deadline for this task and though I will not get 21 plus years of stashing things for later done by that time, I do have a set amount that I expect to accomplish. Then I heard the weather report for tomorrow. 53 degrees and rain. It occurred to me that I cannot count on many more days of walking barefoot on the beach before the cold weather sets in for good. So, I walked away from my tasks and took myself down to the sea.

The tide was low, the sun was shining through a mist that came close to obliterating the horizon line, and a light southwest breeze stirred the sea oats. The water was mostly smooth with a breaker sliding in every so often. Pelicans soared close to the surface of the sea and seagulls congregated at the edge of the tide. There were a number of beached jellyfish and a fisherman sitting in a chair, surf fishing with three rods, music on his radio and his dog by his side. I could count on one hand the number of people I saw – all with their dogs. It was enchanting, exhilarating, lovely, peaceful, fulfilling….. The work was still here at home when I returned refreshed and ready to dig in again.



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